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It all started while three women hovered over a book of wallpaper.  Staring at wallpaper is a thought incubator.  As your vision blurs with the patterns and colors changing only negligibly from leaf to leaf it almost creates a state of fugue.  Once the decision was made (really pretty modern print in varying shades of gray and lavender hues…in case you are wondering.) we sat and talked while recovering from the trance.   Not that you will definitely get pulled over for driving after decorating but the glassy eyes and dry mouth may draw suspicion.

Basking in the glory of a finalized decision, Lexie (aka worlds best real estate guru), said “Why don’t you do this for a living!  You should be a decorator!”…

Okay.  I am not and have never been one to take compliments well.  The brain goes from blushing to deflection via humor in about 2.2 nanoseconds.  My response…”Actually I’m more of a ghettorator…I like finding deals and making the most out of what I have…if you gave me a million bucks and told me to decorate a house, I would probably still come back with some mixture of consignment, TJ Maxx, and Eckerds Drugstore and maybe a well made expensive sofa.”

The first house I rented was decorated almost exclusively from drug stores, consignment stores and thrift store finds.  The furniture (which I still have)...all hand me downs from my hubby's family. I just felt less beholden to discarded goods.  My house was the land of misfit decor.  The objects did not haunt me to use them with any great care or for any specific purpose.  Zero guilt...budget decorating was (in my mind) elevated to an art form.  So there is the source of the name.  I have always been some degree of broke, living in handyman specials and fixing everything on a tight budget.  I was ghettorating...The next day Lexie bought the domain, shot an email saying “do it.”

So what do I have to offer?  Living on a super meager budget and in what most would deem spartan conditions, I learned that space and home are not created by expensive objects but on layers of life in a state of constant flux. I learned bigger isn't always better, more isn't always positive and expensive does not mean useful.  Why spend a fortune on one element when the same feel can be created with less? 

Paint became a focal point of my decorated world.  Paint is temporal.  It is easily altered.  Anything is coatable.  Paint can serve as either a stand alone design element or a subtle backdrop.  Fabric is similar with the added bonus of being modifiable even after use.  Cover the sofa…get bored…rip it off and make pillows.  If I want a piece of art...I paint it.  And yes it is all abstract...but the really horrible looking ones I can stick a kids name on the bottom and just go with it.  (Who is going to make fun of a kid's artwork...)

Basically, I am not a decorator.  My home does not look like a vignette from the Rooms To Go ad.   I live here, work here and play here and it looks like it.  I am just a chick who happens to be a recovering artist with a penchant for Pantone and an ongoing affair with clearance, a full time student, a part time wife with a very understanding husband (yes, honey, I will do the dishes soon), mother of 2 dogs and a cat (and the occasional mouse delivered alive by said cat) and home services business partner.  In this space, I hope to share my finds and some of the processes, tips and tricks used in the trades and in our home…I hope some of you will share too.

PS…excuse the mess.  I am still getting accustomed to the word press gig.  Hopefully, I will have a working redesign soon (right about the time I get bored with the template and rip it up for a redo).  Much like my life, and yours, this is a work in progress.  Just cross over the caution tape, grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine, shot of Jack…whatever your poison and hang for a while.

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