Saturday, October 1, 2011

Grown Up Heavy Metal (Sans bad hair and spandex)

I think it might be love...or at least a crush.  This is not your momma's rocker (well maybe mine but she would have it wrapped in garland and filled with prim dolls in about 2.2 seconds).  Ultra modern meets classic lines in this twist on the easy chair. Because the form of the chair conforms to the standard, the choice of material and finish can shine.  Simple, beautiful and easy to integrate into almost any design scheme. 

Hudson by Emeco at Made in Design

Kudos to Emeco on the design.  Unfortunately, my wallet is not currently set to absorb 1600 Euros for one chair. 

Cost aside, the idea of blending shiny metal pretties with pops of color and natural textures has me on the hunt for light on the purse heavy metals.

Shirley by ItalModern @

In walks the Shirley Stack chair by ItalModern.  Six of these metal and teak beauties can be had for half the cost of one uber groovy rocker. 

At that price, a new wall color, lighting fixture or even some accessories for the table top can be purchased without ending up sitting alone in a swanky rocker eating Ramen Noodles for three months to pay the credit card bill.

Over the look in six months?  Buyers remorse be gone...these weather resistant beauties can be used to transform a patio or outdoor seating space. Multifunctionality meet trendorizing...

Oceanic Breeze @
If  teak throws a curve in the decorating dreams or a more traditional style is preferred, try mixing slip covered or brightly painted standard wooden chairs (or benches) with a couple of these industrial quality aluminum beauties from Stack Chair Depot. For around 100 dollars a piece you can choose standard or bar height.

Just add cushions for an instant color pop or to tie in the current room scheme.   Another bonus, like the Shirley, these can also be used outdoors if the metal mood gives way to other ideas.  The standard shape also allows the use of standard side chair slip covers for fast easy changes.

As for fabrics to pair with metals...this year's color options are all over the wheel which makes the choosing difficult (and easy since it is hard to get off trend). 

Three I am loving at the moment are all from

 Barbee Buttons is fun and filled with almost the entire pallet of this years color trends.  Great for pillows or cushions.  This would also be fun as an under layer on the table topped with a runner the shade of one of the "buttons."

I'm considering this one for a casual chair...If I decide to use it I'll post pics!

 Another favorite is Ramon Sorbet.  Fantastic colors and texture.  This would be a fun way to add some punch to last year's silver and coffee colors.  Coral, deep pinks and organic greens are really hot this year (thankfully...we could all use some brightening up lately...) and a few pillows or even a wall hanging in a eye grabbing fabric like this can breath a bit of the fresh into any neutral or dark space.

 Chipotle Ocean covers a couple of areas.  Deep blues, indigo and cobalt are popping up on the runways and in the design books this year. Traditional patterns are also showcased across the genre. This is a nice clean update with great color that can crossover easily between modern and transitional.  I love it.  A great way to spruce up some island seating in a yellow kitchen.  Add a big red glass or ceramic bowl or maybe a few red screen prints of scenes or adverts and get that primary color trend covered without looking like a crayola box. 
That about does it for today...more to come including some DIY info for wallpaper panels, fabric art and filling walls on the cheap.

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