Saturday, September 24, 2011

Paint, fabric and the Love of All Things Temporal

Orange. I am a fangirl.

In fact it is a bit of a sickness for me to find excuses for the use of orange. One of my favorite clients went out on a limb and painted her yoga room dirty jalapeno orange. Two of my nieces ended up with very orange (and very different) bedrooms and I had an orange bathroom forever.

Despite my love of all things ochreous, the thought of slinking into a carrot kitchen for the morning Joe wouldn't sit well (color theorists say it "causes" over eating too so I guess should get a list of diet mauve).   

Bold colors are a commitment. 

Attempt at fashion design...

Put on a bright magenta dress and you can forget the jewels, shoes and handbag...the dress is the accessory. Put on the same dress in an ankle length maxi with a bold neckline and the dress is not only the accessory but becomes your statement. In my youth, statements were fine (I made many a statement in leather pants...but it turns out they didn't make much sense after all) my age I would rather make a memo and be done with it.

Maxi dresses and saturated colors are both plinking the trend targets this year. Since I can't afford RTW couture, I tend to blur the trend line between fashion and decor to sate my fashion fever without blowing the back out of my knockoff bag.

Translating this year's hot colors and long lines into a liveable space without waking up in a Sunny D bottle every morning can seem daunting but you are really just a few yards and a couple hems away from a trend attack that won't leave your wallet (or your partner's eyes) bleeding.

Fabric is the greatest gift ever bequeathed upon mankind. Alright, not THE greatest but it has to be in the top 100 stuff humans did that makes sense (unlike Twitter...not judging just saying.) You can do anything with fabric. Cover crappy sofas...hide messy bookcases...hang some panels from the ceiling for a shake and bake laundry room (if you have the kitchen/dining/laundry room like we do you know it is NEVER romantic to dine in a laundromat.)

Plain Jane khaki walls in something like Sherwin William's Jogging Path or Accessible Beige (tans and khakis are fabulous and do not have to be boring assuming you don't pick a pink thinking it is a tan...we'll talk know who you are) can become the backdrop to a cheap, quick and easy art installation.

SW Accessible Beige
Bright Tangerine Fabric swatch

Problem walls are an easy fix too...a little savvy, some iron on hem tape and a curtain track system like the KVARTAL at IKEA mixed with monochromatic textures, voluminous panels of wispy sheers or bold solids blocked with a neutral wall color and you have an almost instant, non permanent color injection which also covers the 30 nail holes from the gallery wall that didn't quite work out...

Layers of fabric from floor to ceiling behind a bed make a huge presentation for a few bucks (headboards are for people who like to dust...I am not one of those people...if you are call me and I will satisfy your every desire). Find some coordinates for pillows, throws or curtains (This is where the handy dandy folks at the fabric store shine. Use your resources!!
Hot Pink Pillow with beading

Don't forget textures too. Pairing different weights, weaves and textures can add a ton of interest with a minimal investment (and effort). 

Fantastic orange pillow with light blue design

The best part of the gig? If you hate it in a year, change it. No lament, no crying over broken budgets and without dog sitting for decorating cash (save the desperation for shoes...).

Don't be afraid of color. Have fun with it in ways that are less permanent and at least semi disposable (or pack awayable...I know, not a word.)

If you are renting, the landlord will thank you for not painting the walls Electric Limeade ultra gloss with a Canary yellow glaze rake pattern and if you own your hacienda, future you will thank current you for not painting the walls Electric Limeade ultra gloss with a Canary yellow glaze rake pattern.

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