Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to go from meow to just ow...
Animal print can be fun, titillating and exotic... but these fab fabrics and posh prints can also make a sane human wish the animal had eaten the designer. 

Far from a print prude, I can snuggle up with some leopard or even sit back on a little jaguar. I do understand that visceral urge to pad the cave with the most recent kill from the successful clearance rack safari (although on a personal tangent giraffe prints make me sad...I mean, who would skin the mascot of Toys R Us even if he was a poly rayon blend?)

living room eclectic living room
And for respectful use of animal epidermis....
eclectic living room design by los angeles interior designer maison

The answer? Trendorize don't trendorate. It is easy for me go gaga and want every square inch of breathing space bathed in the glory of trendspotter goodness.  But when my cooler head takes over (and I step away from the sale counter, punch the x on the bargain site or set the glossy last chance sale mag to marinate a while in the rack), the memory of quickly dated past trends returns to temper my impulses...and so I trendorize...accessorizing my neutrals with affordable trend bent themes.

The easiest way to trendorize is by starting with a neutral base.  If the expensive, big permanent pieces (sofa, big tables, storage, large rugs and good frames) are neutral, the rest can be redesigned, accessorized, amended and manipulated on whim and on budget. 
Find a fun piece that melds with your current decor or slip some slinky sexy sheets onto the bed with a neutral coverlet or duvet.  The options below can work in almost any home (without a commitment to jungle madness):

Sheets, storage and throws...affordable and easy to integrate into most warm or cool neutral homes

For homes already theme driven or well designed there are less obvious options too. My personal favorite is the powder room as experiment zone.  There is no better room in the house to let loose the creative urge.  A perfect (and if not at least impermanent) implementation of the safari fever boom would be a deep base wall in a chocolate, jewel tone blue or pewter.  Once the walls are finished look up...grab the animal print wallpaper book and find a fierce, savage design and paper the ceiling.  Make sure to use a wallpaper primer so you can just peel it off when the fad has flung.

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