Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello World! I should have renamed the post...Recycle, reuse though right?

Anywho...hello world (or maybe just hello mom is more in order) and welcome to my little corner of the matrix.

A HUMUNGOUS thanks to Lexie of Savvy & Co 
I'll get right down to the brass tacks (about which I may have to cook up an article since brass is sort of pinging the design radar...).

First warning (if you didn't read the "about" page):  I am not a "decorator."  I do not own a white velvet sofa. My favorite chair is fur covered though.  Unfortunately, it is golden retriever fur.  My sink is stained with paint and coffee. I always forget to clean behind the refrigerator (I just added it to my list though...if I don't lose the list it might actually happen) The laundry is usually fit for recreational scaling and sometimes doubles as floor covering.

I also do not have a collection of framed tropical leaves on my gallery fact I don't even have a gallery wall.  Gallery walls require too much dusting and if you get sick of the theme there are 40 empty frames screaming at you to have a moment of illuminated brilliance (those are rare for me so I try to use them where it counts).

My house, like most, is replete with half finished, quarter finished and yet to be started projects. I guess the cobblers wife having no shoes is nothing compared to what happens when the wife IS the cobbler...

That aside, I love real world decorating.  There is nothing more satisfying than helping another person pick out colors, source finds and decor and then watch as their residence exhales into a home.

So, no I am not a decorator but more a mediator for the texturally tentative, pantone paranoid and home sick of the world (or the 4 people in it who accidentally stumbled into this space...sorry for the mess...I swear I just dusted a few days ago.)

This is decorating down and dirty...with a few side notes, interludes and some time hanging out on the stoop.

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